What are your God Ideas?

God does not want you to enjoy yourself and be happy. God is not trustworthy.  

God is holding out on you. God does not want you to be like him, and it isn’t possible anyway.  

Ever wonder why you act against your own best interest? Succumb to the pressures of consumerism? Resist spending quality time with God?

Sally Lloyd-Jones - Jesus Story BibleBlame the serpent.

It wasn’t willful disobedience that brought down Eden, but instead false beliefs about God. (tweet that)  God created us to be in relationship with him, enjoying his presence as he enjoys ours. Our false ideas about God destroy that joyful intimacy.

I can do this by myself. I know what’s best for me. Why shouldn’t I have what I want?

These ideas and others like them slither daily into our subconscious minds, bringing with them destruction and heartache, both personal and relational. Your beliefs influence how you feel about yourself and others. They determine how you feel about what your life ought to be like, and how you act on those feelings.

Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddhist or an atheist or an undecided, you have ideas about God. Everyone has a theology. Many of us have never thought very hard about our theology, or tried to articulate it clearly and precisely, but we all think of something or someone when we hear the word “God.” Your theology affects how you read the Bible and whom you trust to teach you.  The God ideas you actually believe (and not just think!) cause your decisions, predict your actions, and shape your life.

Dallas Willard - Hearing GodChristian simplicity is unity of spirit, thought, desire, and action. When true simplicity is gained, we live in joyous trust, enjoying the constant divine companionship for which we were made.  If we are not living in joyous trust and divine companionship, then we need a more accurate view of God.

God wants me to enjoy myself and be happy. God can be trusted. God never withholds good things. God wants me to be as close to him as Jesus is, and has shown me how to do just that.

What are the God ideas that make joyous trust and divine companionship possible? Here are a few. These are ideas that Jesus taught and lived. They are rooted in Scripture and tested by Jesus’ followers throughout the centuries. Test them yourself. Try them on for 30 days. Notice if anything changes about your approach to living.

  • God is wholly good.
  • God wants to spend time with me, just because.
  • Jesus invites us to live in his Father’s kingdom right now.

When we believe good God ideas, some of our ideas about the world change too. How might believing these change your life for the better?

  • God’s world is the one I live in now.
  • I have enough.
  • I am enough. So are others.

If you want a simple life–unity of spirit, thought, desire, and action–here is your starting place.

Never Believe Anything Bad About God - Christian Simplicity

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