Conversations about God, money, and trust.

The Heart of Christian Simplicity

Jesus invites us to a life of joyous trust – a way of living in which everything we have we receive as a gift, and everything we have is cared for by God, and everything we have is available to others when it is right and good. This reality frames the heart of Christian Simplicity. It is the means of liberation and power to do what is right and to overcome the forces of fear and avarice.


— Richard Foster, Freedom of Simplicity: Finding Harmony in a Complex World


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In God We Trust.  It’s on our money, but what about our hearts?

How do we receive everything as a gift that is cared for by God? How do we make what we have received available to others, when it is right and good to do so? How do we live a life of joyous trust whether the economy is good or bad and whether our wallets are full or empty?

Our Guides about God Ideas, Finding God, Mindfulness, Simple Living, Money Lies, and Dollars & Sense are excellent places to start exploring possible answers.

Money Help

Do you have questions about money and faith?

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Look at our Money Help page.  Perhaps we can help you.